THS #99: The 2nd Annual Stanny Awards – Pt. 1

Hello Horror Heads and welcome to the most anticipated event of the year, The Stanny Awards! We have a great show this year. We get about 3/4 through the awards in this episode and wrap them up in episode 100. The awards featured on this episode include Best Patreon Pick, Best Stick Man, Crypt Keeper Award for Best Pun, Rumplestiltskin Award, It’s Electric Blue-gie Woogie Woogie Award, Person You Most Wanted to Kill, Best Hair, Most Attractive Male, Most Attractive Female, Best Smile, Ugly as Fuck Award, Best Dick Trauma, Best VHS Cover, Biggest Scumbag, Least Favorite Episode Award, Savini Award for Best Gore, Best Male Character, Best Female Character, Best Baddie, Worst Baddie. We also take a call from a first time guest and long time friend Mike! So enjoy this episode as we honor all the horror movies we watched this year! Thanks everyone!

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