How It Works:

Choose a charity assisting in helping the people of Houston, Florida, or any of the Islands and surrounding areas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and Irma.

Need help choosing a charity? Want information on some of the charities THS supports? Click here!

Donate $5.00 or more directly to the charity you have chosen.

The minimum donation we will accept is $5.00. This will get you the FREE sticker set seen below. For more information on other rewards please see information below.

Send Sean a copy of your receipt or other proof of your donation.

Instructions on how to submit your receipt/proof as well as links to contact us can be found by clicking here.


Your donation just helped a ton of people that really need it. Sit back, relax, and wait for your sticker pack to come in! If you're bored you can also join some of the free events were running to encourage donations. You can find a list of those events by clicking here.



We wanted to encourage people to donate and we figure why not give y'all something in return. These are small tokens of our gratitude for helping the people of Houston, Florida, and any area affected by Hurricanes Harvey & Irma.

$5.00 or more

Anyone that donates $5.00 or more will receive the exclusive IHATEHURRICANES Huricane Relief Sticker Pack.

We're not entirely sure how many stickers will be in this pack when all is said and done but you will be getting AT THE MINIMUM five stickers! We still have submissions coming in and the donations have been incredible. All the art work was donated by talented artists from across the world, literally, it has been crazy. We will be revealing more sticker designs as the week goes on.

Each artist was allowed to pick a movie or character that was somehow related to Texas or Florida. The movie could have been set there, filmed there, or even if they just had a tattoo related to the areas. We wanted to honor the people of Houston and Florida the best way possible with our reward and I think these amazing artist have done that.

$20.00 or more

If you donate $20.00 or more not only do you get the stickers but you also get to pick a movie for us to talk about on our show, The Horror Show! This is one of the perks that our Patreon members get and we are extending it out this one time to people who are not members. When you email your receipt/proof be sure to include 3 movies that you would like us to talk about. We will choose one of them and do a full episode on it in the near future.