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THS #99: The 2nd Annual Stanny Awards – Pt. 1

January 17, 2017

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Hello Horror Heads and welcome to the most anticipated event of the year, The Stanny Awards! We have a great show this year. We get about 3/4 through the awards in this episode and wrap them up in episode 100. The awards featured on this episode include:

  • Best Patreon Pick
  • Best Stick Man
  • Crypt Keeper Award for Best Pun
  • Rumplestiltskin Award
  • It’s Electric Blue-gie Woogie Woogie Award
  • Person You Most Wanted to Kill
  • Best Hair, Most Attractive Male
  • Most Attractive Female
  • Best Smile
  • Ugly as Fuck Award
  • Best Dick Trauma
  • Best VHS Cover
  • Biggest Scumbag
  • Least Favorite Episode Award
  • Savini Award for Best Gore
  • Best Male Character
  • Best Female Character
  • Best Baddie
  • Worst Baddie

We also take a call from a first time guest and long time friend Mike! So enjoy this episode as we honor all the horror movies we watched this year! Thanks everyone!

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