THS #222: Trovember Returns! – Rabid Grannies

I didn’t think I’d see the day but here we are celebrating Trovember again. We’re kicking it off with Rabid Grannies. A movie with the greatest title, plot summary, and cover art ever, yet manages to deliver on none of these.  Check out this episode!

THS #222: Halloween (2018)

Hello Horror Heads,  We tackle a newer movie but one that has been requested as much, if not more, then many of the classics. This week we are talking about Blumhouse’s attempt to give Halloween a soft reboot. It goes poorly.  Check out this episode!

THS #219: Halloween Extravaganza or Whatever – Burnt Offerings

Hello Horror Heads,  Well, this one was a disaster. Sean’s sick, the movie is slow as hell, and Joe’s hungover from our watch-along party. We are talking about Burnt Offerings from 1976, a movie where nothing happens and is two hours long. Enjoy. Check out this episode!

THS #218: Halloween Extravaganza or Whatever – Blood Diner

Hellooooo Horror Heads,  It’s October so time for our Halloween Extravaganza or Whatever. This week we are discussing the INSANE Blood Diner from 1987. It’s out of control and absolutely perfect for the show.  Enjoy! Check out this episode!

THS #217: Rad is So Bad It’s… Rad?

Hello Thrasher Heads!  We have another tubular episode of The Horror Show and this week is the 1986 BMX biking classic Rad!  Check out this episode!

THS #216: Our First Non-Horror Episode is Thrashin’ (1986)

Hello Horror and Skateboard Heads,  This is our first (maybe?) non-horror episode. We look at the cult skater movie Thrashin’ from 1986 starring a young Josh Brolin TOTES THRASHIN UP THE PLACE. It’s a movie about skateboarding gangs that don’t do a lot… It’s GREAT.  Check out this episode!

THS #214: Witchboard 2: The Devils BOREway, Ammiright?!

Hey everyone we are back an with more (different) technical issues so that’s cool. Hopefully, we’ll figure them out sometime soon. This week we discuss Witchboard 2: The Devils Doorway. It’s the same movie as the first Witchtrap so… enjoy? Check out this episode!