THS #118: Let’s Get Sick Over S.I.C.K. – Serial Insane Clown Killer

Hello Horror Heads! We’ve watched some bad movies in the last two and half years but we have found a new contender for the WORST. S.I.C.K. is the name of the movie… or is it Serial Insane Clown Killer. I don’t rightfully know or care. After an hour and ten minutes of nothing happening you MAY have some answers (you won’t) but who knows. 

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THS #113: Puppet Master II

Hello Horror Heads and thank you as always for downloading. This week we jump into the Full Moon Puppet Master franchise with Puppet Master II. A bunch of easily defeatable puppets kill a bunch of hapless paranormal investigators and zombie is somehow in the mix because he still has an undying urge to be a marionette. 

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THS #111: Return of the Living Dead

Hello horror heads and thank you for downloading the show! This week we’re hitting you with probably one of the BEST movies we have ever discussed on the show, Return of the Living Dead. Trash, Suicide, and Spider come back from our childhood memories to remind us that not all movies are created equal! 

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