THS #216: Our First Non-Horror Episode is Thrashin’ (1986)

Hello Horror and Skateboard Heads,  This is our first (maybe?) non-horror episode. We look at the cult skater movie Thrashin’ from 1986 starring a young Josh Brolin TOTES THRASHIN UP THE PLACE. It’s a movie about skateboarding gangs that don’t do a lot… It’s GREAT.  Check out this episode!

THS #214: Witchboard 2: The Devils BOREway, Ammiright?!

Hey everyone we are back an with more (different) technical issues so that’s cool. Hopefully, we’ll figure them out sometime soon. This week we discuss Witchboard 2: The Devils Doorway. It’s the same movie as the first Witchtrap so… enjoy? Check out this episode!

THS #213: Witchboard – It’s Witch Trap But Less… Trapping?

Hello Horror Heads!  The quality of this episode is super weird and I am super sorry. Some equipment issues have happened the last couple of weeks but maybe someday they will get around to fixing them.  While Sean and Joe might be able to fix there quality you know what can’t? Witchboard. Enjoy! Check out this episode!

THS #211: The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996)

HELLO HORROR HEADS! ALL CAPS!  We are back for good and this week we are discussing 1996’s Island of Dr. Moreau, we probably discuss the insanity that occurred behind the scenes more but who cares it’s all incredible. It’s wonderful to be back. Due to music licensing and copyright issues our original episodes 211 and 212 will be moving to …

THS #210: Q

Hello horror heads and thank you for downloading our last episode ever… maybe? Who knows. We’re talking about Larry Cohen’s Q.  Check out this episode!

THS #209: Leprechaun Returns

Hello Horror Heads. We decided to celebrate St Patrick’s Day and watch the SyFy original, semi-reboot, Leprechaun Returns. This was a stupid decision but here we are. So… enjoy… I gues. Check out this episode!

THS #208: Brain Damage

Hello Horror Heads. We’re back to horror movies this week and we are watching Frank Henenlotter’s 1988 masterpiece Brain Damage. It’s about an alien dick leach. It’s something else.  Check out this episode!

THS #207: A Very Special THS – Lords Of Chaos

Hello Horror Heads and welcome to a brand new episode unrelated to horror at all! This week we’re talking about Lords of Chaos a biopic about the Norwegian Black Metal band Mayhem. It has enough gore to be considered a horror movie and some of these people are such insufferable nightmares you might confuse it with horror but in the end …